Chocolate that does good

By The Magnificent Marshmallow Company

Our Magnificent Malted Drinking Chocolate is an intensely chocolatey treat for the discerning chocolate drinker.  We spent months and months developing it, tasting chocolate from around the world trying to find chocolate with the perfect flavour profile.  It was tough work.  Flavour was massively important to us, but we didn't just want chocolate that tasted magnificent, we also insisted on using chocolate that does good too.

We were won over by the fruity flavour and nutty malt notes of the Colombian 100% cocoa mass that we opted for, and the ethical credentials of the family owned company who produce the cocoa sealed the deal.  Colombia has been affected by political instability, armed conflict and economic deprivation.  Poor infrastructure in rural areas has meant that farmers in remote regions dependent on living off the land, struggle to transport and trade their goods.

Many became reliant on income obtained from growing illicit coca crops.  Coca plants provide the raw materials for the production of cocaine, and they are quick and easy to cultivate in the fertile rural ground.  The chocolate we use is produced by a company committed to promoting equality and social justice.  Their ethos involves supporting farmers in finding an alternative to growing coca.  They provide tools, technical training in cocoa production and conservation techniques and ongoing support to enable farmers to grow Theobroma Cacao trees, and ensure that the fruits of which contain cocoa beans of the highest quality that are used to make some of the world's finest chocolate.

The company have direct relationships with growers and farmers' associations, from whom they buy the cocoa beans.  The supply chain is short so that the growing communities can achieve maximum economic benefit.

So when you are savouring our comforting chocolatey drink you can know that it's chocolate that does good as well as tasting good.

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