Magnificent from the start

The Magnificent Marshmallow Company is a small artisan company based in the idyllic Lake District.  It all started when Carla started making marshmallows as a treat for her husband Steven.  Carla and Steven get a giddy sense of satisfaction from seeking out new ingredients, trying out and making up new recipes and making others smile with their foodie offerings.  Carla didn’t want to make normal marshmallows.  She began experimenting with using fruits, oils, natural flavourings and high quality chocolate to add a contemporary twist to the nostalgic marshmallowy confection.  Steven thought they were scrumptious and friends thought they were delectable.  So alongside the day jobs, the couple decided to set out on a mission together to spread marshmallow joy. 

Marshmallow creation as a home kitchen hobby progressed to the pair conjuring their sugary alchemy in a professional kitchen.  Days and nights are spent making mountains of marshmallows.  Marshmallow world has gone from strength to strength and Carla and Steven continue in their pursuit of spreading much marshmallow joy.  They are also obsessed with art and design, are intrigued by all they see, and are fascinated by finding wondrous things.  They spent their childhoods growing up by the seaside surrounded by the neon signs, illuminations and the kitsch of the circus, fairground and piers and then moved to the peaceful Cumbrian countryside where they enjoy spending time with their dogs outside of marshmallow world (there’s no time for anything else anymore!).

For our main event

Carla and Steven went to their first artisan market in September 2013.  Friends had been telling them to sell their magnificent marshmallowy delights, so they gave it a try.  The day was a resounding success, the squidgy delicacies were snapped up, so they set out on a mission to spread marshmallow joy.

Since then Carla and Steven have travelled far and wide, in all weathers, to attend food festivals, markets and events that celebrate artisan produce.  They've made foodie friends, have met thousands of marshmallow fans and converts, have tweaked and refined their recipes and conjured new flavours along the way.  As well as having had a lot of very, very early mornings.

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