• Here's to a Magnificent 2018

    31 December 2017

    It's New Year's Eve after a busy year in marshmallow world and Steven has just whipped up a Magnificently chocolatey take on a traditional Trinidadian festive drink, Ponche de Creme, to help us see in 2018.  It's divine and suitably indulgent for a special occasion so we thought we'd share it with you.

    We've omitted the eggs that feature in the traditional recipe and have added a chocolatey twist.

    397g tin of condensed milk 1.5 pints of your

  • It might be spring but it's been freezing and snowing in marshmallow world today.  What better than snuggling up in front of the fire with toasted marshmallows and super thick malted chocolate sauce?

    Fire required for toasting along with whatever flavour Magnificent Marshmallows takes your fancy.

    Always toast your marshmallows responsibly.  Beware of hot skewers and allow marshmallows a minute to cool so as not to be caught out by molten

  • This yoghurty delight is a breakfast favourite in marshmallow world, although it works well as a dessert or snack for any time of day.  The addition of the Malted Chocolate adds a bit of extra decadence and helps to satisfy any chocolate cravings.  We throw it together so don't tend to use proper measurements but you can't go wrong.

    Blueberries Grated fresh coconut A few spoonfuls of coconut milk Natural yoghurt Chia seeds Magnificent Malted

  • Since we conjured our new Magnificent Malted Drinking Chocolate we're loving making up recipes to use it in. It's made with some of the world's finest chocolate complimented by malty mellowness and coconut blossom sugar sweetness so it's very versatile and can elevate all manner of delicious treats. This comforting concoction was a Friday night treat we created when an indulgent ending to the week was required. It was quick and easy to make and

  • Chocolate that does good

    17 April 2017

    Our Magnificent Malted Drinking Chocolate is an intensely chocolatey treat for the discerning chocolate drinker.  We spent months and months developing it, tasting chocolate from around the world trying to find chocolate with the perfect flavour profile.  It was tough work.  Flavour was massively important to us, but we didn't just want chocolate that tasted magnificent, we also insisted on using chocolate that does good too.

    We were won over by

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